Cadiz, Costa de la Luz The province has a total of 260 kilometres of coastline and 138 kilometres of beaches, including coves, inlets and long stretches of sand. There are beaches steeped in history, like Trafalgar, which faces the site of the famous battle, and film location beaches such as la Caleta, where scenes from James Bond films were shot. There are pioneering beaches such as la Victoria, one of the first in Europe to win the coveted EU environmental certificate, and colourful beaches like Tarifa, the popular setting for vertiginous kite surfing tricks and leaps. A total of 83 beaches, each with its own distinctive character. Some are just amazing, like the cliffs at Los Caños de Meca (Barbate) and the coves in Conil. Some beaches have their own natural monuments, like the dunes on the beach at Bolonia or the natural fish traps in Rota. In Cádiz the sea frequently meets the mountains, producing landscapes of pine forests, woodland and wetlands. Punta Candor in Rota and the beach at Castillo de San Fernando both have sand dunes, but other beaches can be very different, with rocky outcrops or only reached on foot or from the sea. These areas are perfect for windsurfing, while underwater fishing is also popular in the crystalline waters off the numerous beaches: Los Lances, Bolonia, Valdevaqueros and Torre de la Peña.